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Our philosophy follows the European System Automation concept of modular integration throughout the entire manufacturing process.

This approach gives us the ability to expand our operations as required, to cope with the rigorous demands of modern sheet metal fabrication, building on the existing plant.

Key Benefits

  • Productivity
  • Flexibility
  • Accuracy
  • Reliability

For our customers the clear benefits are our speed of response and turnaround combined with a reliability that is second to none.  We will supply what we agree, when we agree.

An automated system is demonstrably more efficient in terms of throughput, repeatability and reducing downtime.  There are also gains from reduced operator inefficiency.

See the benefits statistics chart for more details.

AMADA MP250M Load/Unload Cell

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In line with this philosophy, our comprehensive range of Amada manufacturing plant has been extended with the addition of an Amada MP250M automated sheet metal load/unload system.

Used in conjunction with an Amada EM2510NT CNC turret punch, we can now offer sustained manufacturing throughput 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, guaranteeing production schedules are met and high quality standards maintained.

Sheet handling capacity is 6 tonnes, performed by separate load/unload cells minimising sheet changeover times.  It uses standard pallets for easy fork lift truck access.


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The load cell benefits from magnetic sheet separation with air-blow and material-gauge / double-sheet detection ensuring that only the correct materials for the job can be used.  The unload cell neatly stacks processed sheets onto a pallet ready for transfer to the next manufacturing stage.


ASTRO 100NT Robotic Bending Cell

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Automation logically progresses though to the bending process with the addition of a Amada Astro 100NT robotic bending cell. 

This is again unmanned so 24/7 production is possible.

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