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In house solution from design to delivery

Archer Woodnutt provides a complete in house manufacturing solution from design through fabrication to finishing.  This means we have complete control over the quality and scheduling of our production so we deliver the specified products on time in full.

We specialise in the manufacture of precision sheet metal components through laser profiling, CNC punching and NC folding.  We work with most ferrous and non-ferrous materials up to a thickness of 20mm.

In keeping with our philosophy of investment and continual improvement we have implemented Jobshop, a fully integrated production control system.  This provides comprehensive information on all elements of the process from sales order processing to invoice as well as capacity planning, scheduling and an MRP system.  This package optimises our process and manufacturing efficiency and therefore our levels of customer service.

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Design & Rapid Prototyping

We realise the importance of new products and designs to the future of our business and have invested in this area both in terms of equipment and a customer focused team.  This means that rapid prototyping can be achieved in as little as 48 hours, depending on the complexity of the item.

Our design to manufacturing process utilises a network of RADAN 2011 R1 CAD/CAM terminals.  These provide total flexibility at all stages of design and front end tooling.

Our design service has the flexibility to match your requirements.  We can work from most computer design files and native formats.  We can also take hard copy drawings or finished items from which we can create engineering drawings.  We can even reverse engineer components from a customer sample by scanning it using a QC Laser scanner and producing engineering drawings.

Our design team works closely with customers to ensure that both sides fully understand the requirements.  We will produce rapid prototypes for approval by the customer.  Customers are kept informed of progress right through to sign off.

In order to reduce any delays between design agreement and price and scheduling quotations we have installed the latest RADAN e2i estimating software.  This is a management system designed to maximise efficiency through the whole production process from enquiry to delivery.

Laser Profiling

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Laser profiling does not require a skilled operator, relying instead on an integral programmed cutting database to guarantee a perfect job every time.  It provides the ability to produce cost-effective and fast prototypes by eliminating expensive bespoke tooling charges.  Other advantages include high speed cutting, less waste due to efficient pattern nesting and flexibility.

Certain jobs, depending on complexity, may even be turned around in just one working day.

The flying optic table means no impact or other contact with the material.  We can therefore produce the finest of cutting details without distortion, burring or scratching.  Laser profiling leaves a fine but smooth edge on both entry and exit surfaces so no further linishing is required.  This also means no further process is required to remove blemishes on visible surfaces.

Technical Specifications

Plant Item Description Maximum Capacity
Amada LC 3015 X1 NT 4kw Laser 1500 x 3000 mm
20 mm Mild Steel
12 mm Stainless Steel
10 mm Aluminium
(DNC Linked)



Turret Punching

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Using Amada CNC punching plant means we can offer high speed, high accuracy and fast turnaround.  This plant is flexible enough to accommodate small, medium and large batch production runs and will reliably produce identical components time after time.






Technical Specifications

Plant Item Description Maximum Capacity
Amada MP250M Automation Cell with AMADA EM 2510NT CNC Turret (45 station) 4 Auto Index Stations and Conveyerised Scrap Removal 24x7 Unmanned Operation
20 Tonne 1270 x 2500 mm
(Before Reposition)
AMADA 358 Vipros Queen CNC Turret (45 station) with 4 Auto Index Stations 30 Tonne 1270 x 2000mm
(Before Reposition)



Metal Forming

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Archer Woodnutt has a variety of plant for metal forming and bending including press brakes and robotic formers.  Each job is matched to the plant that will give the most efficient throughput.

Our Amada Astro 100NT is a robotic bending cell which is fully automated to guarantee reliable repeatability through the production run.  As an unmanned operation it can run 24/7 as required.

Our Amada press brakes ensure fast set up and highly accurate and consistent metal forming.







Technical Specifications

Plant Item Description Maximum Capacity
AMADA Astro 100
Robot Bending Cell
Hydraulic Downstroke Pressbrake with 7 axis CNC Control + Graphics 24x7 Unmanned Operation
3 metre x 100 tonne
AMADA HFE 50-20 Hydraulic Downstroke Pressbrake with 7 axis CNC Control + Graphics 2 metre x 50 tonne
AMADA APX 50-20 Hydraulic Upstroke Pressbrake with 7 axis CNC Control + Graphics 2 metre x 50 tonne
AMADA/PROMECAM ITPS Hydraulic Upstroke Pressbrake with 4 axis CNC Control + Graphics 2 metre x 50 tonne
PROMECAM RG-80-30 Hydraulic Upstroke Pressbrake with Hurco 2 axis CNC control 3 metre x 80 tonne



Precision Fabrication

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Archer Woodnutt utilises the knowledge and experience of its skilled workforce to ensure all ferrous and non-ferrous welding is carried out with the precision required.

Whether tube only or tube/sheet metal combination our high skill level ensures the welding process does not increase or introduce stresses into the weld assembly.

Maintaining and developing these skills in house means we can ensure production quality and control scheduling to provide the best possible level of customer service.

Finishing & Screenprinting

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As part of our objective of providing all your requirements in house, Archer Woodnutt offers a variety of finishes for your fabricated metalwork.  These include wet painting, powder coating and screen printing.  We can also supply speciality finishes such as zinc plating, anodising and passivation through a trusted network of local specialist companies.

Our wet painting capabilities include metallics, 2 pack paints, Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC), decorative finishes and stove enamels.  We also specialise in phenolic mouldings.  Our spray booth capacity is 4m x 2m x 1.5m deep.

Our powder coating facility uses Nordson electrostatic application equipment with an integral conveyor track for ease of handling.  The drying is done in a large Airflow box oven with a capacity of 14 cubic metres.

Our screen printing is carried out in house using latest ink technologies with a design facility offered by Tech-nique (Europe) Limited.  This enables us to offer a complete solution and guarantee the quality of the finish and the schedule with minimum handling.

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