Archer Woodnutt Ltd
Metalwork Fabrication & Coating Midlands

Assembly / Finishing

Dedicated Wet Painting, Powder Coating, Finishing & Assembly Facilities.

As part of our objective of providing all your requirements in house, Archer Woodnutt offers a variety of finishes for your fabricated metalwork.  These include wet painting, powder coating and screen printing from our well equipped facilities in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire in the Midlands.

We can also supply speciality finishes such as zinc plating, anodising and passivation through a trusted network of local specialist companies.

Our wet painting capabilities include metallics, 2 pack paints, Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC), decorative finishes and stove enamels.  We also specialise in phenolic mouldings.  Our spray booth capacity is 4m x 2m x 1.5m deep.

Our powder coating facility uses Nordson electrostatic application equipment with an integral conveyor track for ease of handling.  The drying is done in a large Airflow box oven with a capacity of 14 cubic metres.

Our screen printing is carried out in house using latest ink technologies with a design facility offered by Tech-nique (Europe) Limited.  This enables us to offer a complete solution and guarantee the quality of the finish and the schedule with minimum handling.

For more information on how we can provide top quality finished and assembled metal fabricated products, please do get in touch.

Over the years we have invested heavily in the latest Amada CNC forming, punching, profiling and associated technology ensuring maximum productivity and cost saving advantages. Our coating lines have also seen significant investment. For more information on our capabilities, please do get in touch.
Archer Woodnutt are committed to the highest standards of quality and have in place rigorous quality control procedures. Great care is taken throughout all stages of manufacture to ensure only the very best quality fabricated parts are delivered.

Full Services Capabilities

Flexibility and premier service for all customers

  • Design & Rapid Prototyping

  • Value Engineering

  • 2D Scanning Service & Reverse Engineering

  • CNC turret punching

  • Laser profiling

  • Metal forming

  • Precision fabrication

  • Finishing and Screen-printing

  • Mechanical Assembly